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Question   www.wendybarrettphotography.com
I love your photos, Wendy. The lighting and the way you frame each one is the sign of a great photographer!!! Love your stuff. Catherine looks awfully cute!

- Carol Nylen 10/31/2009 7:15:10 AM

  Answer Thanks so much for your kind words, Carol! Catherine is certainly a very easy person to photograph - she loves to pose. I do appreciate you taking the time to visit my website.

- Wendy B.  10/31/2009 2:09:05 PM

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Question   My cards
Wendy, the cards I ordered and you made are beautiful. Just think, your work will now be in Europe! See you when I get back.

Love ya, girl!

- Daphne G. Estes 9/10/2009 7:06:36 PM

  Answer Thanks so much, Daph - glad you liked them! I hope they know where Maine is... :-)

I will miss you, Buddy!

- Wendy B.  9/10/2009 7:22:52 PM

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Question   Buddy
HI Wendy,
I finally got a chance to check out Buddy's photos. I was sorry to hear he had passed but know that he's in a happier place free of pain and discomfort.
I think my "favorite" of all the photos is #72 because whenever I met him and Wanda, he was ALWAYS ready to play w/Gomez and have a good time.
His "smile" in this picture tells its all. ^_^
I learned a lot about bulldogs from meeting him and Wanda.

- Pat Holland 8/1/2009 11:35:32 AM

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Question   Buddy
Loved the pictures of Buddy. Wanda and Buddy - even better. Two peas in a pod! They couldn't have better parents. You photos are remarkable!

- Paula Babey 7/28/2009 6:15:46 PM

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Question   Buddy
Buddy could not of asked for a better mom! He was truly loved and will always be missed. Take care friend!

- Elisa Whittier 7/28/2009 5:47:15 AM

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Question   Buddy
Happy journey, Buddy. It was a grand life.

- Jacquie DeFusco 7/28/2009 4:41:02 AM

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Question   Buddy
I had not seen all of the pictures that you posted. Our beautiful big 'ole Bud! Neither had I realized how white his face had become. Maybe the camera brought it out more. Love ya, Bud!!

- Daphne G. Estes 7/27/2009 9:32:18 PM

  Answer Actually, I had forgotten some of the ones I had taken. It's taken me most of the day/evening to compile them, but it's been soothing work. I don't cry when I am looking at his pictures...much. We will all miss him terribly, but I'm so happy that he's at peace now. What a wonderful buddy and bully he was. I'm so glad that we got to share so much of him. Thank you for "talking me into" bringing him home.

- Wendy B.  7/27/2009 10:14:24 PM

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Question   Shaken Beads 2
I really love this. Was it just shaky hands, or did you intend for it come out like this? Good one, girl!

- Daphne G. Estes 7/11/2009 8:04:48 PM

  Answer No, I do have shaking hands, but this time it was intentional! I did a photo shoot in my kitchen with the beads one day for a class assignment and these are what came out of it.

- Wendy B.  7/11/2009 8:21:21 PM

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Question   The Site
Hey Wendy - what a beautiful surprise to see your website! LOVE the pictures of Buddy and (Her Royal Highness) Wanda. Gorgeous work all around!
Janet and Joe

- Janet Goba 7/7/2009 12:36:16 PM

  Answer Janet, thank you so much for your great comments! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the site. B&W are still kickin' so I couldn't do a site without them. I'll be adding more shots of them soon. I really appreciate you checking out the site!

- Wendy B.  7/7/2009 7:53:10 PM

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Question   BT lovers
Wendy, Love the pics of the "kids". Buddy and Wanda look so pleased with themselves. I want to get 'Beach Girl ' for note cars. Maybe we can walk the beach again some day.
Kathy and crew

- Kathy Brosnan 7/5/2009 6:42:58 PM

  Answer Thanks for checking out the site, Kathy and for your comments! I will email you about the "Beach Girl" cards and beach walking. We had some fun with that, didn't we?! :-)

- Wendy B.  7/5/2009 7:47:15 PM

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